Digital frame drops with Atomos Shogun and Sony A7s

My eager for 4K video in small package has sincerely backfired on me. I have never thought I would be a so angry what I actually bought. And drop frames on everything I shoot is a killer for me. A lot of money worth equipment is now worth less than garbage. If it was something I could save just by changing a cable, or format a drive or stop using LUTs, I could live and at least work on. But until now everything I tested, changed and set didn’t work out and problem of nasty drop frames remains while shooting 4K.

atomos shogun drop frames04

The problem probably started after updating firmware on Atomos Shogun about a week ago (on newest 6.2). I had no video shooting a week before and after. I noticed some playback issue on Atomos Shogun while shooting sets two days ago… because it was the same even after changing HDMI cable I carried on. Now I see that firmware update and not checking all functions after backfired me really bad.

Until now I have tested;

– Changing ultra thing HDMI with thicker proper 1.4v cable
– Formatting SSD drives (have two to play with)
– Changing from NTSC to PAL
– Shutting off LUTs
– Trying two different SSD readers
– Devices are in room temperature condition
– Recorded at HD 50 fps
– Tried powering Shogun with battery included
– Tried powering A7s with original Sony battery
– Recorded to another SSD drives (Odyssey7Q SSD) and it WORKED fine.
– Reverting the firmware 6.2 update back to 6.11 on Atomos Shogun … the Samsung EVO840 500GB are working OK.

What I would like to test:

– Connect Atomos Shogun on FS700 via HDMI
– Connect Sony A7s on Odyssey7Q

Possible footage saving suggestion:

– Cutting out the drop frame and hoping that it wont be noticed when exported (a lot of work going through frame by frame)

atomos shogun drop frames10

Few examples of all destroyed footage:

Some drop frames are green, some have only strange artifacts over screen… but are constant all over the footage every few seconds.

Any suggestions?


PS: I’ll keep updated with all tests to get this thing back to work.
PS2: Problem found…. it doesn’t want to record on Samsung EVO 840 anymore. Before the firmware update it was working just fine.
PS3: After contacting the Atomos and explaining the situation, they sent the 6.11 version firmware, which I run on Shogun and now the Samsung SSD are working again.

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