Setting up mini server with Gigabyte BRIX J1900 Ultra

While working with big video files you need a fast internet connection, which I don’t have and my parents do. Where I lived before I had fiber internet connection which was great for sending big files. But now I have to reorganize my workflow with a server on that fiber connection where I send my files to (on slow 4Mbps upload) and then send forward to more locations. For such work I needed a simple, small, efficient, economical computer. I tried with old mini laptops, but with low memory, bad processors and other problems because of their age, I reconsidered something more stable computer. So I find myself Gigabyte BRIX J1900 Ultra. With added 8GB of memory and fast 120GB SSD drive (250 € worth equipment) it’s a great peace of engineering. Main features are 2.4 GHz Intel processor, USB3, HDMI, WiFi and Gigabit LAN. After a week of testing and putting it to the task it did great job. Only thing that made me crazy was default energy saving setting Windows 7 have preset. Computer went hibernating and I had no psyhical access.

Gigabyte server2- Juvannet


The only thing that I should consider is UPS powering it in case of electric outage. But that’s rarely happened there, it’s not like in villages where this could happen anytime.

I really like the miniature setup and I will consider buying another to replace another laptop server for sending files on to fiber server. Still less energy wasted, if I had night and day turned on my work station.

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