My next video camera equipment?

Long story short; there is no camera (yet) that can cover my needs.

Let me be clear what I mean by that. Everybody has their own workflows and needs from equipment they use. Since I’ve changed few video cameras of all kind (handy’s, semi-professional, dslr’s…), I have created my own need of equipment that would be perfect to suit the workflow. And I’m ready to pay a lot of money that would cover my workflows using Canon 5D MarkIII and Sony FS700 with Odyssey7Q. Now I have to use two setups for different occasion and I have to keep in mind what to expect from every shooting set, how much time I’ll have so that I know what camera gear I could use. There is a lot of carrying around heavy bag for FS700 with Odyssey7Q, it needs time to put together and the camera is bulky and hard to be versatile. But you have great monitor, slow-motion, RAW footage and 4K option for rare occasion. On the other side I can take 5D MarkIII everywhere in small backpack, do whatever I want with it, very versatile, it has RAW footage too… but hard to work with small preview monitor, has no slow-motion, it can only shoot 25/30 frames per second and has no 4K option. But I’ve still made the best of my shoots on this small DSLR, while it’s bothersome to carry FS700 everywhere. My ideal camera would be the mix of both and still have all best characteristics. It’s a shame that creativity  is always limited with equipment you have.

My future camera will be;

– Small and lightweight as 5DMK3 or even Lumix GH4
– With adjustable preview monitor and high quality screen as Odyssey7Q
– Slow-motion option at least up to 100fps in RAW as Sony FS700 with Odyssey7Q
– 4K RAW option as FS700 with Odyssey7Q
– Quick and easy to setup as 5DMK3
– With many of options as 5DMK3 with Magic Lantern
– Great focus peaking like on 5DMK3 with Magic Lantern
– Magic zoom recording for best macro shots like on 5DMK3 with Magic Lantern
– A lot of adjustable buttons around the body as FS700
– Integrated ND filters as FS700
– Possible ProRes codec as FS700 with Odyssey7Q
– With low light great sensor as the Sony A7S
– SSD drive media for recording as Odyssey7Q

For any detailed features is always a subjective matter, but all this functions are always welcomed whatever work you do.  Even if it costed about 20k, it would be worth it. But I guess that the industry won’t be making any camera like this, because it will destroy their whole camera and dslr lines if such perfect camera would cover all of them. They need to get more money from our pocket with buying different cameras for different needs. Maybe a kickstarter project would solve the problem.

So, for now, I’m stuck with my lovely Canon 5D Mark III and in special occasions Sony FS700+Odyssey7Q.

Stay sharp!


4 thoughts on “My next video camera equipment?

  1. Dokler kamera ne bo prišla med ljudi in iz raznih reviewev vidim, če je sploh funkcionalna, težko karkol rečem o njej. Zaenkrat so le podatki na papirju in rekla kazala. Mnoge kamere so se le slišale fajn (tudi blackmagic 4K je bil hypan, pa je tok težko delat z njo, da je neuporabna za run&gun).

  2. If a camera existed like the one you listed, there would be no need to ever make another camera until they updated that camera’s sensor to 6k. Camera companies have the ability to make a camera like this, they just choose not to because then they wouldn’t be making money off any other camera’s they make. Why would Canon make a $3500 dollar 5D with all these features, if no one would buy their expensive $30,000 cameras after? It’s all about money. They give you some cameras with some options, but purposely missing other options so you spend money to get that other camera with the other options.

  3. Frogy, I understand the market point of making different cameras with less options to sell better ones with most included options. But even those expensive cameras all don’t have one most desired feature…. compactness. They are cameras for big production where they extend their size of ego with big camera. Funny tho. 🙂

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