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After experiencing warm vacation in Tunisia and making a short movie of our stay there, we concluded that we really like to travel and shoot a lot of video clips for our soul. There are many unpublished clips that don’t have a story with a beginning and an end, so they never come to life for our viewers. We were in Czech Republic and walk over whole city of Praga and it was very nice in Italy‘s Venice too. But in Slovenia there were nice trips to Bled, Piran and all over Prekmurje. In Pannonian houses we did some nice clips too. But after Tunisia, travelling and video shooting is what we should be doing whatever we visit or experience. Like an experience of shooting some traditional Kung fu moves in hidden parts of Slovenia. Even if we go to the furthest parts of our own country. There are beauty and special corners whenever you are able to go, only if just with a car.

Benetke travelRAW_145_JuvanNet
Boat and sunset in Venice

To make a good looking movie there must always be some pre-production where you plan out what you should shoot to complete the whole story. How to begin, where to take the red line of story and in what way to make a movie finish. In many cases it’s better to have a person or a subject for carrying the whole story, otherwise it’s just plain shoots combined with special meaning. Same as buying some random shoots on stock sites and putting them together. Like motivational videos are made. Not exactly best looking for travel videos.

Piran city_28_JuvanNet
Pier in Piran

What would be perfect situation? If travel agencies would recognize positive effects of quality travel videos, there would be a chance of budgeting such video and take more time for pre-planning and improving whole production. Like in our Tunisia tourism movie, there was no budget, because firstly we didn’t even consider making a movie on our own costs. With no pre-production it suffers the story, quality of image and with many missing transitions. We had much trouble even put it together because of that. Even choice of actors is in many case very important. In our case we used ourself, as much as we could. You just can’t handle camera and act on screen at the same time. In many cases an assistant would come in handy.

Screenshots from other places;

Plečnik church in Prague
Benetke travelRAW_059_JuvanNet
Lovers in front of Saint Mark’s Square bell tower
Prekmurje Heli_4K_29_JuvanNet
Sunset time in Prekmurje – Slovenia
Bled heli 4K_21_JuvanNet
Pier on Bled lake in Slovenia


We shall see what future will bring. Maybe some new amazing travel experience and great people. 🙂

Stay in focus!

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