Choosing right equipment for different video projects

I’ve experienced a lot of equipment since I started working in video production. From handycam, semi-pro video camera, professional video camera, two DSLR video cameras and now a mirrorless DSLR with external recorder… Every equipment has its own pros and cons. Some are easy to use for some projects and others might get you killed trying. The only thing in common is, that they all do video.

Any chosen equipment is expensive. Unless you work with low quality consumer products. And every expensive equipment is not exactly perfect for every situation. Arri, RED and other big names sounds great to have in your inventory. I wouldn’t have neither, mainly because they are either too big or need so many accessories to even work with such equipment. If you have at least five-digit budget projects, it’s maybe better to rent such equipment. For small projects is just too expensive.

Great video don’t come from the expensive camera, but from best materialized idea.

Video production is such a big industry of different fields. You can shoot educational videos, events, weddings, tourism films, corporate films, promotional videos, tv ads and more. And you can bet, you’ll never use same equipment for all of these fields. On bigger sets it’s more likelihood to use bigger and all-in-one camera. But such cameras are usually big and need special care to get the right image look. And for bigger cameras you’ll need steady enough equipment (tripods, jibs, slider, shoulder rigs, steadycam…), which are again much more pricier. Not to mention better lights. Bad lighting complicate post-production work. On the other side when shooting weedings, it would be impossible to work with such equipment. You need to be more agile and lighter when doing such work. You can do best with good video DSLR or camcorder, proper steadycam or shoulder rig, maybe slider and you’re good to go. All other aspects are variety of different equipment and experience.

Every time I want to think about my next video camera, I get a headache. All the pros and cons are just killing me. But in the end, whatever equipment I use, I make the best out of it. And the finished products prove that.

Stay in focus!

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