10 opazk, zaradi katerih bi vas morala skrbeti izbira video produkcije

Posted on November 15, 2016

Izbira primerne video produkcije je lahko precejšen zalogaj, če se k temu spravimo z namenom poiskati kvalitetno storitev.

Je delo od doma v video produkciji mit ali resničnost?

[STOCK] Vacation and lifestyle

Posted on September 11, 2016

Med dopustom smo naredili različne serije 4K video posnetkov s pomočjo DJI Ronin-M opreme. Združili smo jih v ličen video izdelek, ki je paša za oči.

Ne potrebujem mizarja. Imam žago in žeblje doma!

[PROMO] Qi Lab Institute / Wudang Pai Kung Fu

Posted on March 18, 2016

Video production of promotion movie for  Qi Lab Institute / Wudang Pai Kung Fu Slovenia. Organizing, directing, production, post-production and coloring.

Behind the scenes Videoproduction

JuvanNet video production is the right choice for your next video project. There are many reasons why video is necessary for your company, but there are even more reasons why we are the right one to create it;

  • We are very flexible with time. Many video production companies are bound to make the project as soon as possible because they move fast to new projects or many small companies work a full time job beside and can’t take as much time on your project as they should.
  • We are resourceful at our work. When working on video production projects, there are always predictable problems to solve. We do best at finding very exciting solutions to finish the project as we planned.
  • We are passionate at what we do. It is our full time job and still it’s a hobby where we enjoy making something we are proud about.
  • We expertise in technical field. Some video production will sell you services with the equipment they are using or they can rent it, not the idea they can make no matter the equipment they have. Being expert using the equipment you have in everyday inventory means much more than having something expensive and not being familiar with.
  • We have many experience. Being part of many our own and co-operating projects gives us a lot of different experience. Not just from video production, but whole multimedia field – web, SEO, marketing, photography, design…
  • We are cost-effective. You’ll see bigger production expenses much bigger because of the many unnecessary staff and equipment on set. We do same work with less people. That is connected with our primary advantage – flexibility and resourcefulness.

What we offer:

Video production:

  • Pre-production: Every project needs planning before realization. Depending on complexity of a project, details must be agreed upon with customer. This is the process where ideas must be put together, finding right locations for shooting, hiring actors and buy all the necessary promps to make the video look perfect.
  • Production: The days of shooting planned video footage with necessary equipment and staff. Directing actors, making make-ups, preparing and lighting the location.
  • Post-production: After making all the planned footage, here is the checking of all shot material, rough cut montage, finding music, fine cut montage, making animations, color-grading footage and delivering to customer.

Multimedia consultation:

  • Every new and small business deserves a chance of quality consultation about their marketing strategies. In the time of social sharing, making a Facebook page is a priority, making a quality video and basic web page is best for promoting own services. And great promotion means steady income.



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